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Dear L&Q Family,

Here at Looch&Quigley, we want to offer our customers a selection of products that they are proud to own. We don’t want it to end there, though. We have diligently selected products that have high quality, along with heart and soul. With these blended together, we are proud to provide products that give back. Some of the brands we offer are The Giving Keys, Headbands of Hope, & MudLOVE. These companies have created unique way to give back to those in need of hope, love, and charity.

The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys are very special. The concept behind the key is a beautiful cycle. When The Giving Keys are being made and purchased, customers are actually helping provide and open up jobs for homeless. This is helping them transition from their previous lifestyle. The company talks a lot about “Pay it Forward.” That is what it is all about. From helping to provide jobs, to even picking out your necklace, embracing the word, and passing it on, the “Pay it Forward” idea is exemplified beautifully.    

Headbands of Hope

Headbands of Hope’s story is truly touching. We fell in love with not only their designs, but the heart that they put into their company. We are honored to offer our customers this opportunity to give back. When customers chose to purchase a Headbands of Hope product, they are actually providing a product to a child that is battling cancer. This company is thinking beyond profit. They are giving to the ones who need encouragement and love the most.


MudLOVE is another giving company. We love to give. Through the products by MudLOVE, we can. When a product by MudLOVE is purchased, a week of clean water is provided to someone in the Central African Republic. This is because MudLOVE is partnered with Water for Good. Not only do their products help with clean water, but they also have encouragement within their products. Finally, through MudLOVE products, you can do fundraising. We have even carried fundraising pieces in our shop, previously. Their heart is evident. We are proud to display their products.

We want to provide a variety of products that show that we care about more than just making a sale. Here at L&Q ,we genuinely care and we want our customers to feel that. Our goal is to radiate the love of God, not only through our actions, but also with the products we display on our shelves. That is why we choose products that give back to the ones who need love and compassion the most.


Your L&Q Friends