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Dear Beloved Customers,

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have hand-picked 5 Valentine’s Day gifts you will love. These gifts are perfect for the ones you love! We know how hard it is to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, so we have selected 5 must haves for Valentine’s Day 2019! 

Bath and Body:

With our first gift, you can please your Valentine’s senses. From uniquely fragrant lotions, to our amazing sugar scrub, our bath and body products are sure to succeed to steal their heart. Starting with our lotions, soaps, scrubs and lip balms. These products are hand-picked by the L&Q leadership to be the perfect products for our customers. Not only are they hand-picked, but wait… they’re locally made! Double win! Speaking of local, our candles are hand poured by a lovely couple located in our sister town, Dalton, Ga. Because each of these products are crafted locally, the scents are ones that you can’t get other places! Getting your Valentine a bath and body product or set would win your way to their heart… and their senses! 


Here are L&Q, we are proud to offer Canoe products. Canoe is a business that is located in Blue Ridge, Ga. Canoe offers leather works. Ladies, this is a perfect gift for your man. Canoe has crafted a dark leathered style wallet. This wallet is slim. It offers storage for cards and cash. Not only is it stylish and attractive, but it is also a very practical gift that can be used for years to come.


Guys, don’t fret… Canoe is here to help you find the perfect Valentine’s gift for her, too! For our third gift, we are showing you a Canoe tote. This Canoe bag has leather and hide combined creating a beautiful design. Because this bag is made by Canoe, it will be a unique piece!mThis medium tote is very fashion forward that has an eye-catching design. Your Valentine is sure to love carrying this Canoe bag around on one arm and you on the other! 


Our next gift is one that would be perfect for your man! Maybe you’re looking for a way to make him dapper for date night… Maybe he put a ring on it and you need a way to make your day have a bit of charm. Having a wood crafted bowtie decked around your mans neck would be a sure way to make his style pop. Two Guys Bowties is a brand that offers unique wooden bowties with unique charm and style. Sound familiar? That’s right! These were featured on the T.V. Show, Shark Tank. These bowties are the perfect gift for any man who likes to add flair to his attire. 


Another good gift for her can be found here at L&Q. Does she love to accessorize? We are more than happy to offer handmade jewelry to our customers. This jewelry is designed by an artist named Erin. Erin makes each piece with her own twist of creativity and flair. This helps assure that no one else will have the exact piece that your sweetheart could have! These hand-crafted pieces of jewelry are charming and they are a great way to show your S.O. that they are truly special.

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. L&Q has hand-picked 5 ideal Valentine’s Day gifts just for you. These gifts could be great for someone you love! We have worked to make your gift finding process smooth sailing. Happy Valentines!