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We get asked a lot if we know of any Ellijay merchandise that locals, tourists, and visitors can purchase. There are many sayings here in North Georgia, but one that was quick to be noticed was “Shoot Yeah!” It quickly was made into a brand. This was the perfect opportunity to create unique Ellijay take-back-home gifts and even locals LOVE it. Many people have concluded that they are over buying T-shirts when they visit places. Our Shoot Yeah! brand has adorable hats that can help with this! There are currently three designs. We have our first design that says “LOVE Ellijay”. The “O” is represented with an apple. If you are familiar with the Ellijay area, this represents our raving Apple Festival that we have every October. The next design is a bear with “Ellijay” written on it. This hat is very appropriate for the area and has an absolutely adorable look. Our final design has our Shoot Yeah! logo on it. We hope that you will fall in love with our hats and bring a little bit of Ellijay wherever you go.